by Emmet McManus

To (everyone) whom it may concern:

A ‘functional bilateral cohesive synthesis’ profile (the whole working quality of both sides) which we each uniquely possess may help explain better if understood, numerous of the disorders and dysfunctions, but also talents and skills being experienced today, whether neurological or physiological. (emphasis on many mental health & disease conditions).

*May help with: ‘Scientists have some idea, however………. haven’t worked out a cure yet’


  • Bilaterality is amongst the first, the most consistent and the most successful of all evolutionary trends that evolved around 575 million years ago.
  • Though bilateral, we are NOT mirror images of ourselves and the significance of this, however subtle, may be largely overlooked with respect to location & impact.
  • Starting at cell structure upward, no two paired organs within our bodies functions/ performs equally, resulting in a dominant/ recessive partnership. Within our genetic makeup, the scale and scope of every possibility must be immense (‘Genetic sway’).
  • Example’s worth noting are left/ right hemispheres, eye dominance, nasal cycle and also handedness – the more obvious sensory functions, but what about all the other organs within our body systems and there are many! including the good old gonads.
  • Ideally, this ‘whole bilateral profile’ wants to be well balanced/ homeostatic, no friction, no mutant behaviour, but as things are rarely just black and white, fluctuating shades of grey may appear throughout indicating imbalances to varying degrees.
  • There is simply too much to get into to & too many questions for this note, so please if I may, allow me to cut too and offer a concluding opinion for consideration, in order to elicit some thoughts on this theory. (maybe even some ASSISTANCE if indeed that were an option. FYI: practice & passion 9.9/10; permits & pennies 0/10) 
  • Ultimately and with respect to the five points above, many conditions arising, most notably mental health, could be better appreciated & may actually be able to be pinpointed by enquiring and truly understanding the meaning behind the answers to two straight forward questions.
  • We each were created from the conception of a single sperm and a single egg.  Sperm from the testes and an egg from the ovaries.
    This does not make sense! 1 sperm from both testes (L/R) and 1 egg from two oscillating ovaries (L/R). So how does that work then? pastedGraphic.png
  • Understanding that paired organ partnerships, exhibit dominant or recessive traits (function) and hence could be considered bilaterally sensitive or influenced (performance), how does this manifest and what could the implications be?


  • On a punnet square: R/R; Right/Left; L/R; L/L.  (50/50 ratio)
  • Science tells us opposites attract so: R/L & L/R would appear compatible and want to work in harmony. (50)
  • Science also tells us likes repel so: R/R & L/L would appear incompatible and not want to work harmoniously. (50)
  • Since no known mechanism for guiding contralateral/ ipsilateral fertilization exists, we most probably ‘could have been’ or ‘will be’ hoping and wishing for things to work out well, which is good, though being unaware of a notable, 2:1 probability ratio attached.  (Hm! Science says ‘no comment’) VIP Nevertheless, all the hopes and wishes invariably seem somehow honoured with a beautiful baby.

    On a general empirical spectrum (conscious to avoid confusing the stereotypical ‘academic bank robber’ with the ‘school dropout surgeon’ pastedGraphic_1.png)  from a child that appears [naturally gifted/ talented and may only struggle a little] to a child that appears to be [struggling somewhat ‘for unexplained reasons’, yet tries hard’] the possibilities seem endless though currently stands at around 7.8 Billion or thereabouts, albeit the probabilities remain 2:1. These children become adult men and women & these adults can be seen everywhere from our churches, through to our jails and that’s neurological! For physiological viewing, you need to go from our churches, through to our hospitals & sadly sometimes back to the church.


  • The two questions, rhetorically speaking, essentially are:1/ Which paternal gonad (testis) produced the gamete (sperm) that helped create you? (L or R)2/ Which maternal gonad (ovary) produced the gamete (egg) that helped create you? (L or R)Parental bilateral genetic profiles, were they to be known, would prove intriguing.
  • Obviously, it is impossible to know what the answers to these questions are and has been throughout our ancestral historic database, though this doesn’t make it any less true or relevant when trying to understand the causes and reasons behind, and an explanation for, both mental and functional conditions (good and not so good!).
  • Once created at conception, this unique bilateral genetic profile now begins to establish and then fulfil its role in ‘instructing’ how we each will naturally function. The subsequent neurological, physiological, psychological, nutritional and environmental factors, which are all every bit as important, will start to play their respective roles in becoming decisive at ‘influencing’ how we each developmentally perform.
  • We all carry two copies of each gene, alleles (outside of male sex chromosomes), one from each parent. Very little, if anything, is known about differences, however subtle, within our DNA (genetic variation) from a bilateral sway perspective and its effects within our systems. This bilateral phenomenon influencing our DNA may be the main mechanism behind determining how genes are expressed along with chemical and molecular level factors. Varying abilities and/or disabilities, both neurological and physiological are the net result depending on how harmoniously balanced this new profile is. 
  • The potential contralateral/ ipsilateral connectivity range encompassing both the dominant/ recessive and Left/ Right aspects and resulting in 16 different possibilities is fundamental to understanding the concept of this theory. Half of these 16 variants could be what are responsible for causing many mutations! This explains why mutations (maybe excluding random) can be either harmful or beneficial.
  • Bilateral Sway could help explain better Genetic Drift, which is described as a change in the gene pool that takes place strictly by chance resulting in genetic traits becoming lost or widespread in populations without respect to the survival or reproductive value of the alleles involved. 
  • This unquantifiable matrix of conditions, ranging from the admirable ones such as prowess through to the others considered less desirable like disorders and dysfunctions, may in actual fact all be natural. They can only be the cumulative result of millions of years of continuous reproduction, establishing bespoke standards of a diverse global ‘bilateral’ gene pool through ever-changing combinations of diluting, strengthening, sided creation – ‘bilateral sway’. 
  • Though our TRUE bilateral profile is in essence largely invisible, it is no less real! CONSIDER FOR EXAMPLE: Left or Right handed? Left or Right eyed? Left or Right Eared? (*For Information Purposes: there is also an automatic aspect at work and helping out elsewhere to varying degrees) Which leg is dominant? Thinking in detail and in sequence or thinking creatively though appearing a little sporadic? Is there any evidence of cross or mixed dominance? These more neurological than physiologically type questions may just be the easy ones as there could be many many more, probably in increments of 23 or 46 depending on how it is viewed. (rhetoric) Can you see a profile start to build? Can you see it in others’? You see, it is invisible though it is there! But how balanced is it?
  • True understanding & appreciation may be THE ONLY medicine capable of and required too conclusively address and resolve many cases. Appropriate prudence in deciding which route to take, either the ” making better people” route or staying firmly and purposefully committed to the other “making people better” route could be instrumental and would prove beneficial. Pleading ignorance as a third option could well have it’s very own route, although should prove to be the one least travelled.
  • To pause for now, I hope to have struck a chord of curiosity with someone/ somewhere and that somehow, together we can consider this theory (inclusive) further with a view to better understanding it and a goal to resolving it. Please consider: Practice and passion are every bit a qualification as passports and permission! The author behind this bilateral sway theory is a carpenter, dyslexic, failed ‘O’ level English 4 times, hard-working, a ‘wee’ bit of a maverick but determined.
  • Should you wish to, please feel free to circulate this theory.


If researching, check out: “What are the causes of ………. (select any condition listed below). Explanations are offered for some and a few appear not even to be considered though many are preceded by comments such as: ‘the root causes are unknown’; ‘exactly what leads to ………. is not understood’; ‘the exact cause hasn’t been identified yet’ and so on. (This may take a moment or two or 25 years!)

*It Doesn’t Sense Make, that whilst many causes remain unknown, to judge some conditions as disorders or dysfunctions (an illness) when in actual fact they may be natural, albeit undesirable. This approach, though well-intentioned, could be misguided and have negative effects for the psychological wellbeing of those considered as sufferers by contrasting them with those bilaterally swayed toward the assumed, understandably, more favourable direction along the spectrum (wellness). It also introduces STIGMA, a quality that resides further on up that third route.

Addictive behaviour/ Anxiety disorders[don’t want this one]/ Asthma/ Autism/ Autoimmune disorders/ ADHD/ Bipolar disorder/ Natural athleticism function/ certain Cancers/ [comprehension- this most certainly IS bilaterally genetic]/ Depression/ Diabetes/ DYSLEXIA [I got some of this] (including other comordid ‘Dys’ family members)/ Eating disorders/ Elite professionalism order/ Gender dysphoria (inclusive)/ [intelligence- this is NOT genetic] [memory recall]/ Migraines/ Motor neurone disease/ Multiple sclerosis/  TINNITUS [and some of this]/ Tourette’s/ Obesity/ Ordinary fun people syndrome [would be nice to have some of this]/ OCD/ Paedophilia/ Primitive reflexes [retained some of these, though inhibited them] (*appreciation of these reflexes is of utmost importance) /  [procrastination]/ PTSD/ Schizophrenia/ Sensory processing disorder’s/  [stubborn]/……. 

(Lastly and sadly (though the author ‘wants’ to be incorrect, understands he may not be) wait for it, ‘Suicide behaviour disorder’ GOOD GOD! *Proactively and purposefully swaying toward the ‘solution’ and not ‘problem’ option, and quoting Socrates “the unconsidered life is not worth living”, best way we start considering ‘soonest!’).

This list is not exhaustive.

(The reason for sharing this thought is unknown, it was just a few thoughts!)

Emmet McManus.

Thanks ‘very much’ for your time/consideration & hope to hear your thoughts,

Best regards,

Emmet McManus.


“for too long we have been battling, a battle that won’t be won

until there is an understanding, then it can for everyone”

-and remember- ‘nobody wins unless we all win’

A personal message to ‘my guys’

Despite many years hiding beneath the covers and studying my pain,

Nobody hides pain better than someone who is trying to remain sincere, 

for the ones that they love unconditionally.

Sometimes the sincerest people are the ones who love beyond many challenges,

cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody knows about.

*BS – Bilateral Sway?/ Bull Sh**? /Mr B.S. (‘2 out of 3 ain’t bad’)

Only for COVID/ lockdown, none of this BS would have been written.

Though there was also plenty of BS talked & plenty BS to listen too!pastedGraphic_2.png

*Deep (Intended) &~Dirty (Apologies! though honesty is a good policy)!?

*Don’t ‘think’ I’ve LEFT anything out, RIGHT!?

BE TRUE: Be consistent with fact and reality.

PS: BONUS (this one’s for free).

(To calm the mindset briefly, though still remain focused, consider this:)



Using the latest applicable statistics as a guide, review the practice of ‘reasonable adjustments’ (also called ‘special consideration’) in education, for example at exam time in schools, to understand better if it works and is it helpful.

Consider a typical ‘statistically average’ class of 30 pupils, pre-16-year-olds.

Its exam time and anxiety levels are understandably slightly higher than normal.

Eventually, when the exam is over, 24 of them may well be satisfied and relieved.

But for 2, possibly with a recognised ‘learning difficulty’, the process continues.

Despite their brains consistently functioning up to four times harder in a classroom setting just to keep up and just when mental preparedness is essential and exhaustible for exams, they are given compassionate detention in the guise of ‘extra time’.

Whilst 28 pupils ponder their chances of success in the recreation room, 2 are tirelessly slogging it out further with their self-esteem somehow gradually being eroded and confiscated from them.

Eventually, having served extra time, they both shall pick themselves up (AGAIN!) and join the other 24 relieved and somewhat content pupils.

The 4 miscounted pupils are the unrecognised ones. The ones that escaped the ‘extra time sentence’ though are re-sentenced with the emotional curse of feeling unrelieved and not content, though they may not understand why just yet. Invariably, their exam success and/or self-esteem psyche shall be judged by others, in different circumstances, at a later date. Evidently, it appears they’re maybe just not that important.

*Don’t forget, we were considering a typical ‘statistically average’ class of 30 pupils.

Do ‘reasonable adjustments’ work and are they helpful? Who knows!? that’s down to personal interpretation. Current research would appear indicative of 24- it didn’t apply to; 2- it potentially helped and harmed; 4- it simply ‘forgot about’. Is this ‘special consideration’? and are there not better solutions?

WAIT FOR ME (*I’ll be there when you need me.).

*Should the ‘Bilateral Sway’ Theory prove accurate, once researched and concluded, and its 2:1 ratio considered more realistic, the above figures may need to be revised.

In any case, exams may be structured to judge what a pupil does NOT know,

Better to find out what a pupil does know and indeed capable of knowing.